The good society is one in which virtue pays. --Abe Maslow

The social scientist knows:
You can't manage what you can't measure.
You can't measure what you can't define.
You can't define what you don't understand.

The B-game:

William Faulkner sets the stage.

Maslow's Eupsychian Management provides the objectives.

Without the empirical eyeglasses of a scientist no human community can engineer its way into a better future. Without data, there is no way to take note of the developing biological forces, the stoichiometry of species improvement, etc. We are stuck in fuzzy mode, all slaves to opinions, dogmas, and conjecture, not facts. We just bump into each other in Brownian motion. Things don't change.

Aldous Huxley said, "We are all individual components of a great social gas." At this point in our development, we are looking for a catalyst. There is a chemistry to evolution, and it involves bright human beings rolling up their sleves and figuring it out.

We need to do experiments. We need to find out what works and what doesn't. We simply want to do what the Marx brothers did for Animal Crackers: keep stuff that gets laughs and throw out the bad (formative evaluation). This is the way to make a movie of the history of the future. What could be simpler? We have tried wars on everything and everyone, and just dig ourselves deeper in the trash heap. We have a lopsided vision. And we grab solutions willy-nilly because we forget that nature works like a torsion pendulum, not a gravity one. We need to dig UP, and do it now.

Assignment one is to assimilate Maslow's Eupsychian Management.

Assignment two is to study Bhutan, where the constitution states:

"...SOLEMNLY pledging ourselves to strengthen the sovereignty of Bhutan,
to secure the blessings of liberty, to ensure justice and tranquillity
and to enhance the unity, happiness and well being of the people
for all time."

Bhutan is developing a better future while we are smug and don't realize that eupsychian democracy is the goal, not just any democracy. Democracy needs a soul to survive.

Assignment three is to do something.

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